Full Western Rigs

Each full gun rig includes Holster, Belt, and option for second holster.
Belts come sized to fit and with 18 cartridge loops standard ( More or less upon request )
We will gladly modify the set to suit your specific needs.
 Please contact us for detailed information

 For Western holsters only please go Here

  All prices INCLUDE shipping within the Continental USA

The Duke Rig

Our rendition of the rig made famous
by the Duke himself
A Duke style calf skin lined holster
and authentic rough out money belt.
Comfortable, Rugged and Authentic.
Colors as shown only.

Single Rig  $279.   Double Rig $409.

unlined holster available on request
please contact us for details.



The Tucson

Similar to the Duke rig
but with a grain side out money belt.
Same look, same comfort, Same toughness.
Colors: Russet, Mahogany, Black

Single Rig  $279.    Double Rig  $409.


The Prescott

The Prescott is a Cheyenne Loop rig
 popular throughout the west 
 in the 1870’s and 1880’s
 Both holsters and belt are calf skin lined
 and fully Border tooled in an old west style.
Colors: Russet, Mahogany, Black

Single Rig $348.   Double Rig $499.




The Helena

A calf lined floral carved Cheyenne holster
and your choice of a money belt or lined standard belt.
Russet only

Single rig  $358.  Double rig  $550.


The Bar D

The Bar D is our Basic “No frills” Rig
the base set is an unlined single loop holster
and unlined cartridge belt.
made from 10+ oz skirting leather it is designed for hard work.
Linings and modifications are available at added cost.
Russet only

Base Single Rig $194.   Base Double Rig $283.




The Cactus Pete

A high end rig adorned with silver concho’s
all fully calf skin lined.
Named for the Man who taught me the meaning of Cowboy.
Colors: Russet, Mahogany, Black

Single rig  $399.  Double rig  $559.


The High Noon

A full harness Western style Shoulder Rig.
Available configured for Cowboy Action
Or as a hunting or riding rig
Fully lined and adjustable.

Starting at $225.