Western gun belts, field hunting belts and concealed carry belts, Heavy duty
and all built to last a lifetime
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Western Cartridge Belts

Heavy duty 2 1/2 inch gun belts, lined or unlined
plain or border tooled or made to match your holster
18 sewn cartridge loops standard, more or less on request.
Nickle or Brass hardware.
Russet, Mahogany, Black

Unlined starting at  $105.
Calf skin Lined starting at   $159.



Authentic Western Money Belts

Just like they wore in the 1870s,
 soft, supple yet sturdy and strong
 You wont find a more comfortable Belt to wear.
 Available smooth side out or Rough out
 Nickle or Brass hardware



Field / Hunting Belts

Field and Hunting Belts
2 inch tapering to 1 1/2 inch, 
loops or no loops, Nickle or Brass hardware
Designed to support heavy pistols
Russet, Black

Unlined  $99.
Calf skin Lined  $139.



Concealed Carry Belts

Concealed carry belts, Calf skin lined
Heavy duty and made to support a firearm.
built to last a lifetime
Russet, Mahogany or Black  Tooling available
Nickle or Brass hardware

Starting at  $79.