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                                         Why Leather ? 

Leather has been a standard in many industries for hundreds of years, Especially the Gun Gear industry, And for good reason ! 
Leather is a natural product, and nothing is more friendly to your gun than good quality leather. 
High quality leather is much better for your gun and for you than plastics or nylon. 
Leather breaths, it allows moisture to be wicked away from your gun, nylons and plastic actually hold in moisture, leather is soft and can be treated with gun friendly products to help protect you guns finish, Leather flexes as you move, which makes it easier on your gun and on you. 
A leather holster can be molded to the exact fit of your gun And the quality of the leather that we use at Mountain Home Leather insures that the interior of your holster is soft and safe for your gun, And even then we treat the interiors of our holsters with a polymer based rust inhibiting gun silicone for an extra layer of protection for your gun. 

What about lining a Holster ? 

Lining a holster is a personal decision, it provides a more finished interior. 
We offer a smooth calf skin lining in our holsters, The finest lining you can get. 
We prefer not to line with suede, as it is a chromium tanned product that can at times not react well with blued finishes, Suede is used mainly because it is cheap and feels soft, 
but the truth is that suede will actually hold dirt, grit and moisture longer than the leather itself, And can over time have a sand paper effect on your gun. 
calf skin is not cheap, But it is the best lining that can be put in a holster, It is smooth, it molds to your gun and it can also be treated with the same product that our unlined holsters are treated with, Suede can not ... And don't be fooled by the claim of  "Silicone treated suede" ...
suede is suede, And it is ALL chromium tanned. 
Even our unlined holsters are safe and soft enough for any gun.