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      Full Western Gun Rigs & Holsters

 Our Western Gun Rigs, Holsters and Belts are all made of only top quality 
 USA oak tanned Saddle Skirting leather,
 Each rig is custom sized, and Hand fitted to your specific gun.
 All Holsters are available in straight up, or cross draw configuration,

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                                             within the USA

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  The Duke Rig

The Duke Rig
 patterned after the rig made famous
 By the Duke himself.

   Starting at $285.



The Tucson
Classic lined single loop holster
 and Authentic money Belt.

   Starting at $285.

The Prescott 
 A Cheyenne Loop set with
 Full border tooling
 All fully calf skin lined.

 Starting at $358.

  The Helena
  A hand carved floral Mexican loop holster
  And Authentic Money Belt
  Calf skin lined.

   Starting at $350.


  The Bar-D
 Simple plain rugged No frills gun leather
 easy to wear easy on the draw.

   Starting at $194. Unlined

  The High Noon
A full harness Western style Shoulder Rig.
Available configured for Cowboy Action
Or as a hunting or riding rig

 Starting at $225.

The Cactus Pete
 A flashy, Dashy rig
 with eight silver concho's

 Starting at $399.