Gun Belt Sizing                                                           

1. Measure around your waist just below your Belt loops.    
     that measurement is your waist size.
2. Measure around your hip about even with your pockets.                   
    That measurement is your hip size
 *NOTE* if you are a Mounted shooter or you plan on wearing
  the rig in a specific area, Please include an accurate      
  Measurement  from where you plan on wearing the belt. 
  Belts are sized according to the information that you give. 
  Do not estimate your waist size or rely on your pants size.
  Always use a tape measure for accuracy.


             Gun & Pants Belt Measurements                                                                                                                                                                                    

When measuring your gun length
measure length as shown above
REVOLVER from front of cylinder to end of barrel
SEMI-AUTO from rear of chamber to end of barrel
Measure your Pants belt from the tip of the buckle to the hole you now use
THIS is what we will use as the Center hole on your new belt
with three holes to either side of the center 

Please follow these instructions. it is very important
that we have accurate information from you to insure
proper fit of your gun belt.
Always use a measuring tape, Never rely on your pants size   
We will use the information You give us to size your belt.   
So please be as accurate as possible.