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A word about lining holsters

              LINING HOLSTERS - Why I don't recommend suede linings


Lining Holsters - This gives the holster a more finished appearance and the inside is smoother. The lining is only a cosmetic treatment. Over the past 25 years I have come to some of my own conclusions about lining holsters with suede.

I think Suede should be avoided because I have found that the nap of the suede that makes it feel soft also makes it more susceptible to absorbing moisture from the air, And it tends to collect and hold dust and grit.

 This can have two basic effects:

1.) Moisture can increase possibility of rust.

2.) The trapped dust and sand which will act as a fine abrasive against the pistol's metal, similar to a very fine emery cloth.

3) ALL Suede's are Chrome tanned leather- Chromium salts used in the tanning process can and do react with the bluing agents used on firearms, causing the appearance of surface rust. 
Don't be fooled by claims of "Silicone Treated Suede" … ALL suede leather is chromium tanned.
Suede is used in the industry mainly because it is cheap, Way cheaper than the calf skin we recommend.

 The Oak Tanned Calf Skin Leather That we use for lining is the only leather that I've found suitable for linings because it doesn't have the dust retention of suede’s, or the chemical reaction of chrome tanned leathers, and it provides a high quality smooth lining.

We use ONLY High quality oak tanned leathers from "Wickett & Craig of America and Hermann Oak Tanneries.
They are not only tanned right here in the U.S.A. but they are also some of the highest quality leathers in the world ! 
And because of this high quality tanning the interiors of our unlined holsters are naturally soft and we treat the interiors of ALL of our holsters with a polymer based rust inhibiting gun protectant 
to insure that our holsters are a safe and friendly environment for your fire arms.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us.

Remember,  Good things rarely come cheap, And cheap things rarely come good !