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  Field Carry and Hunting Holsters & Belts

               Our Field Carry Holsters and Belts are all made of the same 
         Top grade Saddle leather that we use in our western gear.
           Designed with hunting, Packing and Camping in mind. 
               Each Holster is hand fitted to your particular gun.
          Built to last a life time with function and durability in mind.

          ** All Prices shown INCLUDE Shipping within the USA**

                       Read my thoughts on holster lining Here

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  The SA-1
 The SA-1 is our most basic packing holster
 Simple but as rugged as they come.
 Made from USA tanned skirting leather.
 Available with hammer thong or safety strap.
    unlined  $79.


 A Single loop Western style field holster 
  for double action revolvers
 Old west styling in a modern
  packing holster.
  Unlined or Fully Calf skin lined

  Starting at $89.



 M-29 Field Holster
 A rugged Basic Field Holster for packing,
 Hunting, or just plain romping & stomping.
 As tough as they get.

     Starting at  $79.


M-99 Holster
A secure thumb break belt holster
That is both straight up or Cross draw 

  Starting at $89.


 M19-W Holsters
 Old west styling for Modern 
 Semi-Auto pistols
 Available Unlined Or
 Fully Calf skin Lined

  Starting at $89.