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    As the demand for our products continually out paces our ability 
    to keep up with orders,
    we have found it necessary to disable our on line shopping cart temporarily. 
    quality and customer satisfaction have always been our number one priority.
    All work must now be scheduled more carefully on a first come, 
    first served basis.
    Delivery times can vary from four to twelve weeks depending on the order
   And our work load
   We make every attempt to deliver items in a timely manner, 
   But we are often extremely Back logged 
   due to the sheer volume of orders we receive 
   and the fact that we are such a small custom shop.
   We WILL NOT sacrifice the quality of our work for speed, Or Profit.

   As we often can not get to or hear the phone while we are working 
   it is best to Email us HERE for information on placing an order 
   and work scheduling
   or with any questions about our products.
   Or you can call us at 928-751-0020


    We will make every effort to get back to you as soon as possible.